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I just want you all to know (AND THIS IS THE TRUTH!!! SO SAY WHATCHA WANNA, I've saved the stats so fuck off)...
I play with a right-handed joystick in my left hand and a mouse in my right. And some years back (approx 2002) I got to NUMBER ONE
in the world (weekly) and SIXTEENTH (quarterly) on ngworldstats AND I WAS ON FUCKING 56K TOO!!! I USED TO AVERAGE
A 350 PING AND HAD ONLY BEEN PLAYING ABOUT A YEAR!!! I couldn't even use half the weapons because of so much lag and
pulled this shit off with just flak and rockets. Even now to this day I'm terrible with the shock and sniper because I got so used
to not using them...and because I don't use the key-board I can't double-tap keys to dodge and stuff. Anyway, anyone reckons they can
top that for kool and bizarre fucking contact me! Yeah right. I own, you suck...end of. And if ya wanna check to see if I'm bull-shitting here
are some names of other players from that time...BillyTheKid[Zagen] IvorTheEngine don (more to come, just gotta dig out me old cdr's)
Go and have a look in 'The Good Old Days' section from
Anyway, school's's some shots from our clan server, most of 'em are me God-liking my clan-mates...and no! I'm not trying
to embarrass them...but to piss them off to inspire them to one day God-like me...fact, why would I disrespect my own clan?
And any clan member who gives me a beating gets their screenies in here too....anyway, links are below....
Love y'all xxxxxxx.....-=[ZZ]=-||Angst