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(Dunno about skin-maker...but I can use JASC to scan my ass).


Ok...where to works, sort of. First of all a clan-member, who manages to use 2.4.1, sent it to me...I run Win2000 Pro on this machine and skinmaker wont even open. I sent it to another clan-member who's a bloody games designer. guessed...he couldnt get it to run either. So...I then thought I'd try it on my other machine that runs Win98SE and yes, it actually ran. So...there was me all excited, finally about to learn how to skin...within the first ten minutes it had crashed in various ways and we couldn't manage to make a single skin actually work in UT. We spent hours...we tried different pixel size...including 256x256...we tried Bitmaps Jpegs the lot. We tried detailed pics and simple ones...I even made some coloured 256x256 images...but nothing worked...including out-right crashing UT. So...we then went all over the web to sites like and read the tutorials to double-check we were doing it right. And yes, we were, to the letter. So if anyone can help us with this or actually send us a skin-maker that's not totally full of bugs we'd really appreciate it...or a link?