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This section is going to be snippets from messenger chats between Keph and Angst....enjoy....

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: THIS COULD BE NASTY

K3F Resident DJ says: erotic is with a feather.. kinky is with a whole chicken

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: LOLOOLOL

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: listen
-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: ''two bulls were sitting on a hillside....a daddy bull and his son....
and they looked down onto a valley full of cows.........

K3F Resident DJ says: OMG cows..

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: the son said.....''Dad.....should we RUN down there and FUCK one of those cows?''
and the dad said......''no son......lets WALK down there and MAKE LOVE to all of them''

=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: its true.....i'm not proud to be part of the human race
i've been this way since i was about ten years old

K3F Resident DJ says: what happened?

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: life

K3F Resident DJ says: yeah.. life sucks. screw life

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: only because of people

K3F Resident DJ says: society

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: if i was in charge i'd exterminate about 4.5 billion people in a year

K3F Resident DJ says: LOL

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: i'm serious

K3F Resident DJ says: Monsterkill

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: lol

K3F Resident DJ says: I will do some clan stuff tomorrow.. or this night if I can't sleep
....just relaxing now.....thinkering

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: LOL THINKERING ???


K3F Resident DJ says: LOL I just created my own english word?

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: YUP! OK...I'VE MADE ONE TOO....

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: WELTRUSTEN.....SLEEP WELL......

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: WELLTHRUSTEN......SHAG WELL

K3F Resident DJ says: haha

=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: and put some more stuff in your kef ownage section dude...
the new skins for a start

-=[ZugZwang]=- "Keepin' it UNreal" says: dude....everything I do IS ownage

-=[ZZ]=-||Angst says: lololololololol.....(true) ...........(you ass)

-=[ZugZwang]=- "Keepin' it UNreal" says: LOLOLOL