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This map...and this map alone is reason for this section in the website. I saw it a few days
ago on Dawns Deathmatch Palace and it blew me away with its shit-hot colours and design
With a beautiful tune playing in the background and some lovely inter-reactive gimmicks
it's something special to either play on or simply spectate. I loved it so much that
I ended up creating an account at just so I could download it.
There's more links below to see other weird and wonderful maps...


"Now you are above The Old Summit.
Now you must face your destiny.
Now the stakes are higher.
Now it's your eternity."

"Taesum Chronicles - Chapter 103"

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Music of ULTRASPANK - "Better Luck Next Time" is a very suitable song for all those who haven't reached victory
although they gave their best. Ultraspank is a punk hard-core band with a great strong sound and "Better Luck Next Time"
is not a typical Ultraspank song. Although the rest of Ultraspanks repertoir sounds much more UT-ish I've still decided to put
"Better Luck This Time" in my map - sounds more floating, more spacey...
The drums were taken from Tool's Lateralis.

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