This fucking map freaked the shit out of us...and made us both piss ourselves laughing.
I'm gonna be annoying too and not tell ya how we did all this. All I'm gonna say is that
it can all be done with standard UT practice and techniques... (apart from the 'Epic Building' bit)
and I know this because that's how I did it. At no point did I use the God Command as server-admin
to access anywhere and Keph only did cos he's a nutter and likes being God when we're out and about
exploring for hidden UT stuff. Betcha aint seen Crane from these angles b4!

First of all...the toughest bit to get to, a secret room
that cannot be accessed apart from daring a big fall!!!
Only took me two trys with translocator to get in it.

And you know the road way down in the distance with the
'cars' on it?. Well there's Keph standing on the road.

And there's the lift shaft that kills you when you fall
down it...well there's both of us standing at the bottom.

And here's us at the furthest extremes of the map, miles
away from the crane platform itself...with walk-thru/invisible walls!

And here's the bit you need to be 'God' to can just
make out Keph on the edge...then the bitch shot redeemer at me.

And lastly, different views....ahhhhh, aint it purdy?...